Telemetry Processing Software

HS Geometrics is a vendor of Telemetry Processing Software (TPS), a product developed jointly with Micro Scitech Ltd.

TPS costs a fraction of some high-end telemetry solutions.

TPS V5.0 Network is the latest release of the packet telemetry processing software. Version 5.0 provides global monitoring of telemetry data on the Microsoft Windows PC platforms. It is a mission independent system, which means it can be reconfigured online for any new packet format, displays, data streams and protocols, without software rewrites.

Originally developed for the space payload and satellite telemetry processing market, TPS finds application in any areas requiring the real-time or off-line processing of packet data.

We also supply pre-configured solutions. All we require is test data and display requirements and we'll provide an out-of-the-box ready-to-run solution. Contact us for details.

Multi-user networked operation
Ethernet, serial, disk or custom I/O
Frame synchronisation
Data record and playback
Text and graphical displays
On-line configuration
Alarm limit checking
Selected parameter recording
Self-test data generation
Application Programmers Interface
Post-flight analysis toolkit
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