HS Geometrics
Scientific & Technical Consultants
Hardware design

HS Geometrics has considerable experience in the design of a wide variety of electronic systems.

Proven designs ready for production, supported by stress analysis, component tolerance analysis, compliance testing, simulations, and prototyping. Complete documentation including schematics, PCB and plots.

Precision analogue
Digital and analogue data acquisition systems.
Analogue signal processing (e.g. phase-locked loops, servos).
Signal conditioning.

DSP, FPGA and/or microprocessor systems.
Proprietary bus-interface cards, e.g. VME.

Prototyping, Small to mid-volume designs
Your requirements might be for a few boards, or solutions ready for production.
HS Geometrics has experience in both.

Royalty-free design
All our deliveries include transfer of full IPR.
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